Business Solutions

Welcome to the bank that treats business clients like people.

SFB provides a unique approach to modern banking, underpinned by personal service and anytime, anywhere technology.

With professional backgrounds, our specialist relationship managers have a shared passion for the industry you move in; and because we’re a bit smaller than some other banks, you and your business are important to us, even if you are just starting out.

We also understand that your personal and business ambitions may be inseparable and ensure that our business and priority banking services are as joined up as you are.

Our focus is on developing a deep understanding of your world, bringing you the right mix of insight, connections, specialist advice and solutions.

SFB’s Business Banking service offers intelligent advice and solutions to help your company flourish – from banking and deposits to borrowing, risk management and treasury services.

Money Market

An interest-bearing money market account offers some of the flexibility of a checking account paired with the interest structure of a savings account. While interest rates for this account are normally higher than those for our checking accounts, minimum balance requirements are higher and there are limits on the number of monthly transactions.

SFB Insurance

SFB Wealth Management offers both Universal and Variable Whole Life Insurance. You can choose the term and amount that insurance is just right for you.

Variable Universal Life insurance (VUL) provides tax-deferred growth with the bonus of permanent life insurance protection. A primary purpose of life insurance is to provide for dependents at the death of a primary wage earner paying for everyday needs, the home mortgage, or education of family members.


  • Owner controls money and chooses from multiple investment options.
  • No pre-591/2 restrictions on withdrawals.
  • Tax-deferred accumulation with tax-free withdrawals.
  • Self-completing in the event of death.
  • Accumulation value generally not considered an asset when applying for financial aid.


  • Typically 10-year minimum time horizon for withdrawals.
  • Minimum funding requirements.
  • Must be insurable.
  • Underwriting requirements must be met.

The advantages of whole life insurance are guaranteed death benefits, guaranteed cash values, fixed, predictable annual premiums and mortality and expense charges that will not reduce the cash value of the policy.

Both the universal life insurance policy and the variable whole life insurance policy include a cash value.